MASS MURDER by government, witnessed by funeral director John O’Looney

Funeral director John O’Looney saw to his horror how thousands of vulnerable people were murdered in care homes, to start the covid pandemic in the United Kingdom. Later he was contacted by a government official instructing him to label every natural death as covid. John O’Looney also saw how the death rates suddenly exploded, once vaccinations began. John O’Looney is connected to 45 other funeral directors who all told him they see the same things: mass murder by governments, relabeling every death as covid, and massive death waves following the vaccinations. He was almost killed himself by the hospital. Listen to his true story.

Sjuksköterskan Sarah Delin Ekstrand, visselblåsaren delger sanningen om ”vaccinerna” och pågående massmordet 2021 11 30

SVERIGE GRANSKAS Ulf Bittner intervjuar visselblåsaren sjuksköterskan Sarah Delin Ekstrand, som delger i denna intervju om sanningen om ”vaccinerna” och Vård Sverige

Du kan se vad sjuksköterskan Sara Dehlin Ekstrand delgav i sitt tal vid demonstrationen i Göteborg 2021-11-27 i denna video, citat

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